"Payment and delivery terms"

Our products delivered throughout the whole Russia. Delivery to be made by any postal and/or logistics company you choose. The total price depends on postal and/or logistics company’ prices. Our products transferred to such company at our own expense.

When your order and all delivery terms approved, you receive an e-mail containing a bill and/or our bank details indicating the total price for further money transfer through any bank.

After your payment is 100% done (which usually takes 3 business days) you be notified by e-mail or phone and your order to be sent to any postal and/or logistics company at your request (provided that it is in stock) for further delivery directly to company’ office nearby.

Duration of delivery period depends on your region and postal and/or logistics company serving your order. Detailed process of your shipment to be checked anytime at your will by dialing delivery company and further indicating the unique tracking number.
Note that all shipment charges are at your own expense while receiving your order at Transport Company’ office nearby.

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